• Jachin Gomez (Project Leader)

1250 Meals Donated to Local People in Need!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Covid strikes people into hunger and Kalanjiyam responded to those in need....

Welcome to our blog post and today i am writing about Kalanjiyam's response to Covid 19 situation and our reach to the local people.

We make a LIVING by what we GET, but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE - Winston Churchill

COVID 19 Relief Work

As a part of the COVID – 19 relief work, the Kalanjiyam project decided to distribute cooked meals to the migrant workers and the homeless in the city. Due permission was taken from the local Tahsildar (Government) by Ms. Jachin Gomez, Project Leader to carry out the relief work. There was a field survey done the day before in the city and the right beneficiaries were found. Kalanjiyam Kitchen began its operation and started cooking Hot Mean every weekend to distribute. A group of volunteers drove through the city and distributed cooked food parcels in various places. Migrant workers and the homeless were staying on roads under the bridges. They were desperate waiting for food. When they got it they were happy and satisfied. The volunteers felt that the need was more. Hence it was decided that next distribution will be made with increased number of food parcels every week


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