• Jachin Gomez (Project Leader)

Real Humans with Real Stories

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

“Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi


‘Pandemic’, the word though brings us many negative thoughts, has brought out ‘humanity’ at its best, I’m a witness to it. As I work on Saturdays for the Hot meal giveaway, the one thing I’m happiest about, is that the beneficiaries are honest. One of those days I extended a hot meal parcel to a homeless guy on the road, under a highway-bridge, I was taken aback by his refusal. He said, “I had my meal today; give this to someone else in need of this today”. The beauty is that during this conversation, he had no guarantee whether he would get dinner, that day but yet he wanted to refuse our offer so that somebody else could have lunch. Thus Humanity has nothing to do with the circumstances you’re living in, but it comes from within

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a moment to change the world” - Helen Keller


Just another ‘giveaway day’ and there was a family with three small kids on the road taking shelter in a bus stop at Tiruchirappalli Junction. They are migrant construction workers on a daily-wage situation. Due to lock down, they could not go to their hometown and also lost their job. When we came across them, we asked if they wished, we could arrange a vehicle and send them to their hometown. They replied, “There is no one to support us and give us a shelter even if we go back to our hometown. But here we have people like you who support us with food and basic needs”. This was so heartwarming to hear that Kalanjiyam has become a ray of Hope for the homeless in the city of Trichy. We should also never give up because there is a ray of hope, in front of you. Look for it.

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